who we are

a leader in nigerian laundry business


Felnax Nigeria Limited is a private based company owned by Mr Felix Nwafor. This company was incorporated by the federal government of Nigeria in the year 1986. We are one of the leaders in Nigeria Laundry market providing sales of all kinds of industrial dry-cleaning machines, industrial washer-extractor machines, professional finisher presser machine, spare parts for machines, spotting chemicals professional treatment of all kinds of garments, trainings for beginners, laundry services etc. The company has its entire resources geared towards meeting the demands of customer’s cleanliness by the use of industrial machines like dry-cleaning machines, spotting chemicals, finisher ironers and current business practices, to work safely and efficiently in accordance to the growth of the company.
We strive to provide our customers with the newest and most reliable technology from the leading manufacturers in the production of commercial laundry equipment.
Our aim is to become the leading company in Africa that provides the highest quality of commercial laundry equipment.
Meeting the demands of customers and laundry solutions that bring profitability and innovation to customers business by the use of industrial/ commerical laundry equipments.
As a leader in commercial laundry, we’ve learned a lot about value. Over 30 years of experience has taught us that the most cost-effective approach to laundry requires a premium commerical laundry equipment. Low-cost laundry solutions are necessarily compromised in quality. We create value over the long term with solutions that are engineered to reliably outperform. We achieve that by measuring performance over multiple dimensions, and dedicating resources to improve it.


Volume/Quality Of Results

The ultimate goal of any laundry is to quickly produce high volumes of clean, hygienic laundry. This requires substantial mechanical forces. Commercial laundry equipment operates at high power, for long intervals. We never compromise on materials quality, build quality and quality control. We never will.

Fabric Care

Our systems are designed to lengthen the life of your fabrics. This translates into genuine value in replacement costs and customer satisfaction.

Quality Of Experience

We never forget that, to our customers, laundry is a profession. Our offering solely aims to make laundry as fast, easy and rewarding as possible. All our solutions, services and operations are designed to bring you laundry peace-of-mind.

Warranty Length & Terms

Our warranty terms vary from system-to-system and place-to-place. However, we can confidently say your warranty will almost certainly be the best available. We pioneered long warranty periods in laundry. And we generally cover all parts, without exception.

Equipment Reliability

The tremendous forces involved in the laundry are hard on machinery. Highly reliable laundry equipment may cost more at first but will deliver superior value over its entire lifetime.

Availability Of Skilled, Experienced Technicians

In any sector it’s only natural to want to work with the leading team. As leaders in the laundry sector we have attracted the best people in the business. They support our authorized partners with the know-how, resources and skills to provide you with the best possible service.